THING ONE THING TWO examines the intersecting lines of art and design. A reception taking place concurrent with Design Week Portland on Wednesday, April 20th from 7–9PM will invite many of the participating artists to the gallery. 

Inherent to function-driven design, there is a calculated interaction between object and audience. Art, however, is primarily made as an expression of the artist, with audience interpretation being secondary. The happenstance of these two disciplines produces forms and shapes that aren't taught in kindergarten, or reinterpretations of the significance of familiar artifacts. Touching upon themes from Bill Brown's "Thing Theory," THING ONE THING TWO brings together seven artists investigating object-interaction. Once removed of their original intent, objects become things and their namelessness gives them a new power. 

Participating artists include:

Jonathan Anzalone
Joseph Ferriso
Trevor Goosen
Dave Huebner
Ivan Salcido
Jake Ward
Joshua West Smith

Alternate title: Strange But True: Earth is Not Round. Art wrangler: Lizzie Kurita-Hill