May 6, 2016 - May 28, 2016

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Morgan Rosskopf Monograph

One Grand Gallery is pleased to present Heavy Pop, an exhibition of new works from mixed-media artist Morgan Rosskopf. Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, May 6, 2016. The artist will be in attendance. 

Combining drawing and collage to produce an amalgamation of imagery, Morgan Rosskopf’s work speaks to the complexities and intimacies of the mental landscape. A visual hunter-gatherer, Rosskopf combines images to illustrate the fragmented and often melodramatic voice of the internal monologue. Using the juxtaposition of imagery as a visual metaphor of cognitive dissonance, Rosskopf’s work explores ideas surrounding vulnerability, love, anxiety, and violence. 

Heavy Pop’s large-scale works on paper are the result of an organic art making process. Sharing a deep personal connection with the process of art making, the artist engages with her work collaboratively, attentively working to satisfy the piece’s every need until completion. A cohesive cluster of imagery, the finished work reflects the inner complexities of the human psyche. 

Comprised of a series of carefully chosen images, Rosskopf’s visual content ranges from delicate and beautiful floral motifs to morbid renderings of human organs. As if magnetic, the bouquet of imagery clings together. While the grotesque components lie at the core of the drawing, the beautiful elements hang on to the periphery. This contrast in subject matter serves as a visual metaphor for internal dissonance, an experience that intrigues the artist. Conflicting thoughts and emotions parallel the contrasting imagery, producing a complex dialogue between art and reality. 

Predominantly collage-based drawings, Heavy Pop also includes several text-oriented, neon sign drawings. Emulating the process of filtering the internal monologue, these works broadcast the more accessible components of our interior emotions, providing a moment of clarity from the chaos. Contrasting in both aesthetic and medium, these neon signs operate symbiotically with the other pieces, lending insight that is essential to understanding the implications behind Rosskopf’s oeuvre.