Nov 4, 2016 - Nov 26, 2016

One Grand Gallery is pleased to present Ivan Salcido, whose exhibition New Works / Obras Nuevas will be on view during the month of November.

Salcido describes his work as an honest portrayal of his experiences and skills, "allowing me to draw inspiration from personal history, pop culture and the environments I have explored. From the rugged deserts and urban landscape of El Paso, Texas to the majestic and fertile terrain of the Pacific Northwest, the diversity of cultures, topography, textures and shapes of the world continuously influence me. Fusing these many aspects into multi-dimensional works both exposes my limitations with certain techniques or materials, yet also allows me to continue to develop my artistic ambitions. I am attracted to the ever-evolving challenges and problem-solving aspects of creating art.

"Much of my source material consists of found and functional, common objects. I am interested in reclaiming and reimagining salvaged materials, reusing what has been rescued and discarded to embed each item with a new and unique purpose. I operate instinctively with each piece, considering how the works will simply sit on the floor or hang on the wall, how they extend into space, and the relationship of the parts to the overall composition, even including the shadows cast as extensions of the artworks. I use color to communicate energy, movement, and to control the volume of a piece.  Gradients and combinations of color mimic real-life scenes and vistas, allowing me to echo those same effects in my work. These commonplace castoffs and industrial materials are transformed into sculptures, paintings, and installations whose roots are built on the poetic reality of their origins."