Jan 8, 2016 - Jan 31, 2016

Mural Time Lapse Video

Closing Reception Photos

Working in a limited palette, the artist brings attention to form. In many ways, the artist acts as medium to his own subconscious. After a burst of output exhibiting a series of imagery, the artist has to take a step back to analyze the work and assign it meaning.

One recurring image is the staircase. DeSpain interprets a two-way significance: one going up, one coming down. The staircase is symbolic of progress, personal growth, leading oneself to something––and conversely, destruction and literal downfall. Other symbols include the caterpillar––transformation, fictional plant species––growth, profile portraits––the defining dimensionality of a continuous line, among others.

Simultaneously introspective and capable of an objective perspective, the artist welcomes the prospect of inviting patrons to engage in his creative experiment. By inviting an audience into his intimate studio experience, DeSpain relishes in the idea of the wholly unbiased interpretations passerby will contribute.