Jenna VanFleteren: Pink Land

I celebrate ordinary objects by means of labor-intensive production processes, whimsical materials, bold colors and patterns, and creating multiples. The pieces appropriate symbolism from mainstream culture and utilized commonplace objects as materials to make the pieces. I employ familiar symbols and low subject matters like; the banana, gummy bear, hammer, shower curtain rings, and pool noodles to represent; playfulness, recreation, low-cost, accessible, ordinary objects to question what we see as “throw away”. They are uncomplicated objects that have substantial meaning.

The process of making multiples explores the challenges of perfections in reproduction.

Repetitive in both construction and in appearance the objects question conflicting effects of consumerism. The objects are made from synthetic materials commonly used in industrial design including; resin, spandex, polyester, and nylon materials, and processed using tedious methods like casting, weaving, screen printing, and sewing. The textures sensationalize the tactile nature of objects we often take for granted. The materials used are paradoxical to the objects function.

The bright colors that are used are often associated with manufactured materials and mass production processes. The color choices are Inspired by the CMYK color model (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key) which is standard in the printing industry. The color pink is used to express duality in the objects as delicate and powerful, masculine and feminine, nostalgic and futuristic. The plush comfortable materials, bright colors, and shiny finishes are explicitly designed to be visually stimulating to create desire.

Show opening on Friday, January 10th from 7pm-10pm
Pink Land runs through Sunday, January 19th 2020

IG: @misterjenna

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