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One Grand Gallery is pleased to present our next artist in residence, Max Rippon. Rippon is a Barcelona-based, New York-native working in painting, installation and muralism. The artist continues his exploration of textual references to news and digital media, as well as his love for hand-painted signage during his month-long residency. The gallery hosts a closing party to celebrate Rippon's accumulated efforts. Please join us Friday, February 26th; the artist will be in attendance.

Using text as a medium, Rippon investigates the nuance of words, forms and symbols. Playing with language through a manipulation of lettering and context, the artist expresses sentiments regarding political issues and themes of relationships by researching press articles and personal correspondence archives.

Drawing a parallel between textual composition and the artist's creative process, the building and breaking down of Rippon's work shares a close resemblance to the development of a body of writing. Construction and deconstruction are both integral to Rippon’s method as cast-off materials from one work become the building blocks for another. Allowing a preservation of process through the recycling of materials, Rippon features an otherwise invisible part of his technique in the creation of new work. Utilizing box frames as a type of time capsule, the artist arranges preserved detritus behind reverse-painted glass.

Furthering his inquiry into signs and symbols, much of the artist's studio practice dissects letters into abstract forms, rendering messages less literal and more emotionally driven. Working in mixed-media on canvas, these ceiling-mounted works are meant to be viewed from all angles––boasting different paints, inks, oils and wax––bleeding through the canvas like cinematic slides. 

In January 2016, Rippon celebrated the conclusion of a nearly two-year project in the making. Casa Bonay––a 1869 modernist palace in Barcelona's old city center, renovated as a hotel––commissioned the artist to design and hand-paint an entirely new signage system. Drawing inspiration from the building’s original plaques, Rippon and collaborator Ausias Perez developed a new font that was hand-painted throughout the hotel including the 67 room numbers and 5 floors of way-finding signage.

In addition to the work created during studio hours at One Grand Gallery, Rippon offers his sign painting services to local businesses as well as text-based personalized jewelry. Rippon's work can be commissioned in person during the artist's studio hours, Wednesday–Sunday, 1PM–5PM.

Born and raised in New York City, Max Rippon received his BFA from Washington University in St. Louis. Rippon currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. The artist has exhibited internationally including solo shows in Basel, Barcelona, London, Vienna, San Francisco, Cologne and Brussels as well as participating in selected group shows in New York City, Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Bucharest. Rippon’s murals and other public works are located in cities, remote villages, and abandoned structures across 36 countries in three continents.