Thomas C. Bradley: Trophies Unlimited

For the last decade Bradley has extended his craft across multiple disciplines with a focus on graphic design and typography. In 2017 Thomas Bradley quit his full time job in advertising and started painting.

“Why painting? The permanence and perceived sacred qualities of it. In design and advertising, the longest lasting thing one can ever expect to create will only last as long as the client decides to keep it around. Campaigns end, seasons change, products become obsolete, packaging rules shift, companies get rebranded, and they fold. Paintings stick around though. Even if they end up in a thrift store, they're still around. I love thrift store paintings.” ––Thomas Bradley, artist.

After a successful first opening in New York the Summer of 2017, Bradley has created a body of work that draws upon an endless supply of visual reference. His sources vary from corporations to modern masters, from fine art to clip art, smashing together bits of our ever-increasing wealth of graphic material. He has sifted through the visual detritus of consumerist culture, extracted a few choice samples, and invites you to find new meaning and beauty in these specimens.

Show opening on Friday, October 4th from 7pm-10pm

IG: @thomascbradley

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